Yesterdays papers were covered in a picture of two very different young men.  An overblown yap of a public schoolboy taunted by an overblown bulldog wielding ASBO.  But its the space in the middle that really interests me. 

Thats right, the space.  The absence in public debate of the majority of the people in the UK whose lives do not involve negotiating arrangements over their buy to let investment properties or with the local crystal dealers.  That is to say crystal meth, not the eponymous champagne.

You find these ordinary people in the letters to the editors pages of regional newspapers.  Or featuring in minor exhibitions of lesser known artists in secondary galleries.  Lives that seem of no interest whatsoever either to the national media or politicians other than at election time. Parochial, insignificant.  

And this is dangerous.  The public agenda is not so much about what is dealt with as what is not.  For any item to be listed others are crowded out.  Terrorists, ASBOs, millionaires.  Whoever makes the most noise gets heard.  And that is certainly not the majority of us.