Well Christmas has been and gone and taken the New Year in its wake.  I slugged down a toast as I watched the London celebrations from the comfort of my sofa, wondered how high heels and hard pavements could ever have seemed a natural combination and cosied up with my OH. 

Looking at the big wide year ahead I realise that there are an awful lot of things I want to do with it.   Not least to get a decent part time job.  A job of the kind where you are not painfully conscious that you are covering a shift because the last girl that walked down the stockroom steps carrying a heavy box ended up in hospital.  So, the local job market being what it is, I was truly deeply grateful that the local FE college offered me a job in their library.  And…the best bit of all…I get to work with books!  Yippee!  Hurrah!

Perhaps I am not what you might call a natural librarian.  Order and structure are concepts that I admire in other people but are somewhat alien to me.  I tend to start a task in the middle go left a bit and zig zag to the end.   My suspicion that it matters not a jot whether its done my way or via the methodical plod method as long as it ends up the same, is long cherished.  And I couldn’t decide at first whether namepegs for staffroom mugs were cute or creepy.  But.  I do love books.  And working with people.  So despite my natural preference to order using aesthetic rather than alphabetical criteria I think I am going to fit in.  After all, as my OH will far too willingly testify, I do like things put in order…

Its early days yet but so far the gap between the Corpspeak and reality seems small to non existent.  The induction process really is a detailed tick sheet which is being methodically worked through, hours are a matter of discussion and negotiation and although my rank is lowly, career progression and training are factored in.  No matter the IiP accreditation, low colleague morale is one of those things that all the recruitment varnish cannot cover and, from what I’ve seen, here its good.  After a fortnight I cannot think of one criticism or complaint.  Rather that people twist themselves in knots to help each other out.  No doubt the niggles will announce themselves in due course.  But from what I’ve seen so far, I’m sure I’m going to stay.