This blog I think will have to go quiet on the checkout front for a while. I’ve found the good, the grim and the vicious working here and am persuaded that its worth trying to improve things.  So as I indicated last post I’m putting on my rabblerousing hat and going to try to do just that. Delicacy will be needed here and if I have to post only motherhood and applepie I’d rather not post at all.

I’ve changed over to being seasonal staff – or will once I receive the promised new contract – as I start a better paid and sociable hours only part time job in the New Year.  So I shall be working strictly Christmas, Easter and Summer only as my new position is academic terms only.

Writing work is looking up too, with new commissions luring me onwards.  And there’s a whole smalltown world still to explore.  So although I am signing off the checkout chic this is not the end of the story.