She’s not been sacked or quit after all. In fact she’s taking a new role on in the photo processing lab. So she’s had three weeks training, and a week’s residential in Bedford or whatever hinterland that such training is delivered in.

Its quite complex, she says. Not just poke the film in one way and wait for the machine to whir its magic. It seems theres actually a certain amount of alchemy that staff need to do themselves. I’d thought of applying for one of the roles in the processing centre. But since I veer on fascist about what I will put on my rather sensitive skin I didn’t fancy dabbling it in undoubtedly noxious chemicals. And now, hearing this from B I’m glad that I didn’t apply. I’m not the most dextrous of people and really don’t want to be the one that messes up your holiday pictures. Although… no, I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid there’s really nothing we can do Madam. I do appreciate that it was your wedding anniversary and yes I quite agree that theres a lot you can do with this new technology but there really is no way to just add the top of your husbands head to the photo. Yes I know we’re new and of course you can take it to Boots if you prefer. I understand. Well I hope that you manage to get something sorted out then.

I think I’ll stick to the check out.