…well perhaps I had better not say. After all I do value my job and am sure that the Store would not take kindly to anything other than motherhood and applepie PR. Still there is definitely a problem at one of the stores local to where I work. Simply put, I know of at least two people who weren’t been paid their wages for three months. The excuse of a payroll computer problem hasn’t cut it with them and they no longer work there. A couple of customers have unpromptedly mentioned that that particular store is not well run, staff do not know what they are doing and the shelves are badly stocked so they travel a bit further to get to ours. Correlation may not prove causality but I think thats a finer point in this instance.

Curious if such things could happen at our store I asked some colleagues about this. A little hedging and denial that anything so inept could happen and a decided uncomfortableness that smacked of a visit from the thought police. Not at our store was the firm message I received. Still this definitely lies within the gap I’m finding between the corpspeak and reality.