It seems an enduring fashion to bewail the state of the modern world. People such as Lynne Truss have even published books on the subject of its rudeness. Not that we ever consider any of this from a viewpoint other than that of ourselves as the poor victim of the said ills. Now today I politely asked goodness knows how many customers how they were. Less than one in twenty of them had the courtesy of to ask me in return how I was. Around one in twenty didn’t even bother to acknowledge I had said anything at all.

I wonder if some of the more unpleasant features of modern life are due to our ever-increasing tendency to view ourselves simply as customers. Customers who by virtue of their wealth have the right to all the resources of the world that can be pillaged. Customers with the right always to be right. Customers who if are not appeased can flounce off and take their business elsewhere. If people don’t do what we want – politicians, other people’s children, the taxman – then we throw tantrums and threaten to emigrate to the great Abroad where life is always better. Nurse didn’t do what you want? You can hit her; she’s still required to treat you as you waive any responsibility for whatever reason seems most appropriate to your lawyer. Well I’ve had enough. I’ve lasted a mere six weeks at the frontline at the till. Its not so much the boredom of the job, it’s the utterly unbearable rudeness of people like you and me. I’m planning to leave whilst I still care.