Not been a good week really. First off I lost my locker key. I attributed this to being told that I mustn’t have anything – purse or phone – with me whilst working. Ideally all valuables should be left at home. If I must bring my housekeys then I should use a locker and put the key in the pocket of my work issue trousers.

Sometimes you just know whats going to happen before it does. That little voice in your head recalls when you were five and your mother said not to put things in your pockets as they get lost very easily. So by the end of the shift, lockerkeyless and in need of my housekeys, I am looking for someone who is able to open the locker. The only person with authority is the accountant/deputy store manager. She explains that there is no master key. The locker will have to be destroyed to allow my to access it. She tells me that I will have to pay for it. Do I want to go ahead?

It sounds like an expensive equation from my wages but I need my stuff. So I confirm I want the locker opened. Next I phone the store manager on the offchance that he’s still there and explain to him the situation – minus the matter of having spoken to his deputy and being told I was to be billed for it. He tells me to get the locker opened. A short while after the surly deputy arrives with a couple of henchmen and they contrive to force open the locker. The store manager turns up to check on proceedings and I manage to privately apologise for disturbing him and explain I was told I would be billed for it. He enquired as to who informed me thus, I tried to avoid dropping his deputy in it and things were mostly settled.

Next morning as I am about to head off for my shift I realise my cat is sick. A hasty phonecall to the vet with symptoms confirms I need to bring him in right away. A phonecall to work to say I shall be late is less frosty than I expect. Nonetheless I am aware of the rules on three month probation and that two absences is effectively a sackable offence. I hasten into work and run straight into the deputy. She makes some face saving explanation of the rules on lockers. I refrain from explaining my position on picking up the tab for bad managerial buying decisions and meekly agree. I’ve already blown my plan of keeping below management’s notice. After this week I am surprised I have a job to go to.