I’ve reached the end of my first week now. And I have to say that I have enjoyed it. This is a completely unexpected bonus. I was expecting to try to find somewhere I could stomach for 20 hours a week, I appear to have found somewhere I actually like to be.

There is almost no stress. Very few customers are awkward. Mostly they are only too willing to help you get the stuff packed and escape. I said this to a doctor I know who laughed and said the number of checkout girls they treat for stress is incredible. Apparently though they mostly come from one of our competitors. Gosh. Thats ‘our’ competitors. Must be feeling part of the place already.

The work is easy. Theres nothing quite like knowing what you’re supposed to be doing and not being expected to achieve the unrealistic. And its busy enough that your shift flies past.

I also get paid to talk and be nice. Chatting is frowned upon in most jobs. Here it is a key function. Yesterday I talked mostly about the weather. About how the icecream was practically walking out of the store by itself and other such inanities. Also about cats, a favorite subject which I try not to bore non cat owners with. But now I can coo with customers who have kitty food in their baskets to our hearts content. And get paid for it. I think that I shall pick a subject of the day and award myself points for how many times I can work the conversation around to it. A girl has to keep herself amused somehow.

Even screaming children are infrequent. I wondered if I would feel the need to attach gunturrets to my checkout with an auto wailing brat target. Thus far I don’t. So that is very very good. Managed to keep one of my key principles intact after all even if the polyester principle is long gone. At least it dries quickly when I wash it and saves my real clothes from getting snagged and ruined at work.

The people are what really make a job tick though. Here this means customers. And they are mostly human. There are very very few nasty ones. And I really don’t give a stuff about them. “Would you like me to pack that raw chicken against your salad leaves? Very good madam.” These are the rare exception though. Usually they are easy to tease into a smile to get us through the scanning and us out into the fresh air and sunlight again.