Well I’ve done a couple of shifts now at the checkout. And to be honest I was expecting it to be a lot uglier than it was. I’ve pretty much figured out how to use the till – someone ran me through it a couple of times – and its not really very difficult. At least I hope what it said at the end matched what was inside it. Am sure I will find out very quickly if it didn’t.

There was almost no stress. I still can’t quite believe that. The complete and utter absence of any challenge to the work meant that mostly I just whizzed people’s things through the scanner at more or less my own pace. Which happens naturally to be quite quickly so I fulfil the required number of beeps per minute. All I have to do is smile and be nice and chat a bit. And given that most of the customers do that too its not at all bad.

The only thing that worries me slightly is the till. Its quite easy for someone passing behind you in the other queue to put their hand in it. Or maybe I enter something wrongly or count the change wrongly. I have yet to make any account I have ever done add up right elsewhere, still at least here I don’t even have to count the cash at the end of my shift. So we shall see how it goes. Apart from that and the obvious aches you get from standing up all day it all seems ok. Could be just the job.