I’ve mentioned elsewhere the difficulty in explaining to well-meaning friends and colleagues that you just want to downsize yourself. That I don’t measure success in terms of unpaid overtime, stress and the inability to say no to any unreasonable request your employer may make of you. So deliberately moving from a what might be described as moderate career success to a deadend job gives me much to ponder over in finding referees.

Now my usual referees are great. Or at least they would be great if I were trying to get a job well above my current station. Mentors to me in my former world, their job titles would impress most people. Normally an asset, this time its the problem. I certainly don’t want to set the local supermarket onto them. Nor do I want to scare my potential new job givers by inferring that I think I am some kind of wonderful* because such luminaries are kind enough to rate me. So today’s chore is to scrabble around to find some more normal former colleagues who will agree to be my referees.

*I’d rather they discovered this by accident after they employed me.