I can’t believe that its proving so difficult to find a part time retail job within the couple of hundred businesses in the town centre. This week there are two on offer. One involves a childrens department and I am not yet desperate enough for that. The other includes Saturdays and I really don’t want to work weekends – I gave up a good career to move back to the UK so that I would see something of my husband after all. Still if thats all thats on offer I decide to go for it. Even if, as the manager said, she has already received fifty applications for it.

Why is there so little work here at the moment? Chasing up again on an application I put in a fortnight ago I find the job has evaporated. Some of the answer must lie with the closure of the local factories. Pub discussion centres on the new build housing which has brought the local population up to 180,000 and the lack to date of new jobs to go with them. And suggests I look at commuting.

Now arithmetic is not my strong suit. Yet even I can work out that eight hours work + 2.5 hours commuting – bus fare = a whole lot less than £5.05 an hour. Like most people I have other things outside ‘part time’ hours to use my life for. This dead end work is supposed to support what I do, not drain all my resources. I really can’t afford the equation above.

Still, I remind myself that I’m only two weeks into my jobhunt. Something must come up soon. After all, we’ve never had it so good have we?