Despite the general sense that returning students have already snaffled up whatever jobs were around, I printed up a whole batch of my new CVs and called in at the various retail places around town. Most shops confirmed no vacancies were likely for the foreseeable future but politely took one and at least waited til I was out of view before crumpling it into the bin.

I ran aground in one well known high street clothing store though, with a conversation along these lines.

“Er, hello. I was wondering whether you were looking for staff at the moment.”

“No, you see we have students coming back you see.”

“Well, are you likely to be hiring soon, could I leave my CV?”

“No, as we always have the same people you see. There’s no point really.”

So there it was. The whole point of our senseless conversation was to get it over to me that if you were not a mate or family member the shop was closed. Still thats something that can cut both ways I though as I dumped my CV on a mate who manages one of the smaller shops in town. Apparently someone is on the point of walking out. And he may just be able to give them the impetus they need to quit. And hold the door open for me. I hope so.